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Hardie J. Ball Jr.Butch Ball has been a dedicated 4-H program volunteer for 50 years.  He’s served the youth of Clay County through his volunteerism and caring mentorship as a club leader and an event volunteer for multiple livestock departments at the Clay County Fair.  His mentorship has inspired both his kids and generations of Clay County youth to live and love the 4-H mission, and to give back to their community and the 4-H program through a life-long commitment to learning, leadership and generosity.

4-H has always been an important part of Butch’s life.  He was nominated for this award by his family, who wrote this summary of his 4-H story.  Butch started his volunteer career in 4-H as a helper for the Garfield Hustlers in 1965, 50 years ago, while his sisters were enrolled.  He then became a co-leader with Delbert Williams in 1968 and was the leader of Garfield Hustlers soon after.  Butch remained involved with the club until 1995.

His family recounts that Butch used his vacation days from work to be at the Clay County Fair.  He looks forward to this tradition each year, even after his kids had completed their years in the 4-H youth development program.  He has always supported his kids with 4-H, but more importantly has always supported 4-H to all.

Clay County has awarded Butch Ball the 4-H Hall of Fame award for his dedication Hardie J. Ball Jr. receiving awardand passion to 4-H from 1965-2015….and still going!  His 50 years and growing of commitment has inspired 4-H youth and 4-H adults to promote this wonderful program.  If not for Butch, his kids’ experience in the program would not have been the same---and the same is true for many other kids over the last 50 years.  His son, Justin, summed it up best when he said, “He has inspired me to continue my career in 4-H by becoming a leader and to further promote 4-H by becoming a Clay County Endowment Member.  I thank him for making 4-H a part of life and making the program better for all involved.  I hope to have half the passion and impact on people as Butch has had with 4-H!”

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