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Marlene MeyerMarlene Meyer of Lytton was a 4-H Leader for the Calhoun County, Iowa Garfield Gleam Girls 4-H Club for 11 years.  Club membership ranged from 27 to 19 members.  Marlene was patient, organized, and thoughtful wanting all girls to learn and to have fun as a group.  One of her girls is quoted as saying that Marlene wrote in her record book many times, “I hope I have as much fun next year as I did this year.”  The club met monthly where the girls would listen to and participate in life skill talks, presentations and demonstrations for home improvement, food and nutrition, and clothing.

Marlene, along with the other leaders, planned annual outings such as sledding, picnics with the Lytton Garden Club, a Mother’s Day tea, campouts, and roller skating.  Marlene wanted members to learn by doing, but also having fun and experiencing working with others at the same time.

In preparation for the fair, a day-long achievement show would be held to have exhibits reviewed and paper work completed for the fair entries. Marlene was always very positive and encouraging no matter what the kids’ exhibits were like.  Marlene encouraged all members to participate in doing the presentations, dress revue, and clothing selection at the Calhoun County Fair.

At the fair the 4-H club had the food stand for several years.  This was all organized by Marlene and the other leaders.  It involved setting up a tent, tables, cement blocks, planks, refrigerators, food, pop machine, and getting electricity to the tent.  The youth were taught sanitary food preparation and serving, taking orders, and counting change.  Marlene helped with all this while having her own three children in 4-H and being a leader. 

Because of leaders like Marlene, the Garfield Gleam Girls Club members were rewarded with many awards at the county and state level.

The leaders would hold a record book workshop every year.  The Record Books were always completed with encouraging words to support everyone’s best efforts.Marlene Meyer receiving award

Marlene made sure members were aware of all the opportunities 4-H had to offer such as the Citizenship Washington Focus trip and 4-H camp.  She instilled in the members that they needed to make use of what you have, work together, and to have fun doing your projects and activities!

After being a leader, Marlene was still involved in 4-H when her granddaughters started in 4-H.  It is because of Grandma Marlene they learned to sew, can food items, bake cookies and breads; all things they will use for the rest of their lives.  Marlene has been a comment writer for fair judges and enjoys looking at all the exhibits the 4-H members have at the county and state fairs.  Marlene has had a big impact on a lot of girls through the years as a wonderful, thoughtful, organized, and fun leader. 

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