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Ken and Kathy Kehril

Ken and Kathy Kehrli have enjoyed being involved with 4-Hers for over 20 years. Through these years many lifelong friendships have been made, and they are thankful for the opportunity to witness so many quality young people benefit from their 4-H experiences as they begin their own families and careers, in or out of agriculture. Ken and Kathy are strong supporters of 4-H and have worn many hats including leader, mentor, committee member, tour guide and volunteer. Five of their children have been 4-Hers, becoming the 4th generation of Kehrli's to benefit greatly from the lessons 4-H projects teach, and the life skills acquired through the process.

Ken and Kathy both grew up on farms, Ken was a member of the Delaware Hustlers, the club of which his grandfather had been a founding leader. Kathy was introduced to 4-H when their oldest son Kyle became a member, and has been an ever supportive volunteer since that first day. 

Kathy helped the Buffalo Bells club members’ with projects, record books and pie baking fundraisers. She organized a daily breakfast at fair with the county pork producers. She was a ‘mom and mentor’ for countless rabbit, chicken, cattle, pig and sheep exhibitors.   

Ken has been a leader of the Middlefield Hustlers club for over 15 years and has enjoyed being involved with all members in a wide range of projects areas. He helped with the Buchanan county 4-H livestock judging teams, been a swine committee member and strongly believes it is important theKen and Kathy Kehril receiving award Hustlers club takes a day every spring to visit manufacturing facilities, historical sites, and livestock farms. The youth learned about utilizing new technology or employing unique systems, learned about places and systems that hopefully encourage members to use their heads for clearer and creative thinking.  

Five of Ken and Kathy's children have been involved in 4-H, Kyle, Kayla, Kendra, Keegan and Keeley. Summers on the were been filled with daily livestock care and show preparation. The Kehrli family is thankful for the many opportunities 4-H has afforded them and the lasting memories created. Ken and Kathy find it most rewarding to watch as former 4-Hers become active volunteers with 4-H and other areas within their communities.  




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