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Bill Martin and Kristine Johansen

Bill Martin and Kristine Johansen have opened the world of science and technology for 4-H’ers in Boone County. They created the Science & Technology 4-H Club, through which they have ignited a passion for science and technology for many 4-H’ers.  Bill and Kris did an excellent job of launching and growing the club into one that will serve 4-H’ers for many years to come. 

Prior to 2009, Kristine and her son, Zach were active in the Central Iowa Tech Team. In 2009, Kristine Johansen and Bill Martin recognized that the 4-H Program in Boone County needed more science and technology opportunities so they started the Science & Technology Club. Since then, Bill and Kris have inspired youth to reach their full potential through hands-on, interactive science and technology based activities.

When members walk into a club meeting, they are greeted by Kris’ smile and a safe learning environment, where the members can feel like they belong and grow.  Bill and Kris coordinate hands-on, interactive activities members enjoy.  They immerse the members into a variety of topics and keep the 4-H’ers and their parents inspired. 

Kristine has also helped with the Aerospace Interest Group for the past few years.  Participants learn how to build a rocket and how they work. After the rockets are built, primed and painted, they are launched. An average of 50 youth participate in the Aerospace Interest Group annually. 

Their passion for science and technology has been transferred to their son, Zach.  Over the years, Zach has served as Junior Leader of the Science & Technology Club and helped mentor younger members and led hands-on activities. Bill Martin and Kristine Johansen receiving award

Bill Martin served on the Boone County 4-H Youth Development Committee for 4 years (2009-2012).  He brought many ideas to the committee which has helped transform how the 4-H program operates financially.  Bill helped the committee develop practices to increase the profitability of the 4-H Food stand during the fair.   The profits from the 4-H Food stand are used to support the 4-H program for the entire year and send many 4-H’ers on trips, camps, conferences and other educational opportunities. 

For the past five years, Bill Martin and Kris Johansen have had a huge impact on the county 4-H Program.  Their creativity and great ideas have encouraged not only the youth, but other club leaders and parents.  They see the potential in others and help inspire others to grow.  They created a club that inspires youth to apply what they have learned in school in creative and interactive ways.  They have opened up a new world of potential and motivated youth in Boone County. 

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