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Doris OlsonDoris Olson has been an integral part of 4-H in Story County for many years.  Her name was synonymous with the 4-H horse program. Although she is not currently active in the program, she still enjoys visiting the fair every year to catch up with old friends and to see the many projects 4-Her’s are exhibiting.

Doris joined 4-H as a young girl and remained a member until she was 21.  She showed Jersey dairy cattle and horses.   It was her love of horses that brought her to volunteer for Story County 4-H.  

Doris was an assistant leader of the Washington Happy Hearts 4-H club in 1968.  In 1969, she helped form a new club, the Washington Happenings, with project emphasis on the horse project.   She was a 4-H club leader for 23 years.

She also served as a county horse project leader and the 4-H fair horse superintendent.  She held those positions for 22 years, touching the lives of numerous 4-Her’s.  She helped build the horse project into the outstanding program it is today.  Many past 4-Her’s still keep in contact with her and have lots of fond 4-H memories.  Her love of horses and her passion for teaching 4-Her’s about horses has endeared her to both youth and their parents.  In 1979, they honored her with a ‘Doris Olson Day’ party.

Doris was very committed to the Story County 4-H program.  It is the testimonies of former 4-Her’s that truly show what Doris meant to the 4-H youth.  Here are just a few:

  • I would NEVER have had the opportunity to do 4-H if it were not for Doris Olson – Tori Shadidi
  • Doris is good about taking kids under her wing and showing them how to fly – Stephanie Sills Strathe
  • After my parents, Doris was the adult that influenced my youthful years the most.  Carrie  Anderson Wherry
  • For me Doris helped shape the person I wanted to be, always doing my best and treating others the way I want to be treated.     Karla Hermann

Doris’ was a member of the Story County Fair Board from 1985 to 1991.  She was a very active member of the board and truly enjoyed her time helping plan a vision for the Story County Fair Association.

Youth, parents, extension staff and others recognize Doris as a wonderful 4-H volunteer.  Today you can ask her about one of her 4-H’ers and she will tell you where they are, what they are doing and what they said on their Christmas card!

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