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LaVern and Della VelauLaVern and Della Velau have given many years to the 4-H program in Hancock County.  For 23 years they co-managed the 4-H food stand at the Hancock County Fairgrounds.  They began as volunteers, but their efforts were so fruitful in increasing traffic and, therefore, profits for 4-H, that the Extension Council decided to give them a small wage.  LaVern and Della didn’t care about the pay; they only cared about helping the community.

When asked about the efforts his parents put into the food stand LaVern, Jr. says, “In certain respects they dug it out of the dirt.  The food stand was not making money when they took it over.  Benefits from their experience in restaurant business, LaVern and Della operated it like a restaurant and started making money.”

In addition to running the food stand during the Hancock County Fair, they also operated the food stand during the Britt Draft Horse Show, generating more business so additional funds could be raised for 4-H.

Della was also a 4-H club leader of the South Liberty Busy Bees and LaVern led the Liberty Go-Getters 4-H club.  LaVern and Della also kept busy at home helping their son with beef, chickens, cooking, and refinishing furniture 4-H projects.  Della helped merge 4-H girls and boy clubs to let 4-Hers participate in more activities.

We are so grateful for the service that has been given to Hancock County 4-H by LaVern and Della Velau.

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