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Joyce began her career with Clarke County Extension in 1981 as an office assistant and retired in 2010. Many of her hours were spent helping enroll 4-Hers, organizing show bills and creating and assembling the fair book each year. Joyce said, “At that time, this was a big job and the offset press that was used for printing was very ornery. So much was typed and redone each year.” If you asked Joyce what her favorite part about working with Extension was, she would share, “getting to meet so many people and learning so much. There was something new every day, never boring.”

Joyce grew up on a farm and was a 4-H member in Decatur County for nine years. At that time there were still boys and girls clubs so each year Joyce would focus on a different project area such as cooking, sewing and home furnishings. Joyce gives credit to her 4-H club for her ability to sew. Joyce’s favorite 4-H memory was working in the food stand with her 4-H club during the county fair. She also participated in state events such as 4-H camp and Girls State 4-H Conference where she sang in the choir. She shared that one of her most memorable camp experiences was attending a nature event and touching a snake. To this day, Joyce is still amazed she touched it!

After graduating, Joyce attended airline training school where she learned to teletype and make reservations. She moved to Denver where she also met her husband, Evan, who was in the Air Force. Their family moved frequently due to Evan’s job, making it difficult for their children to participate in 4-H. In 1976 they moved back to the Weldon area. Much of Joyce’s family lived close by and she and Evan have extensively remodeled their Victorian-era home over the years.

While working for Extension Joyce decided to attend Southwestern Community College part-time to earn her Associate of Arts degree. The Extension Council and County Director allowed her the opportunity to attend part-time classes and work part-time until her degree was completed. She then returned full-time to Extension as the office assistant.

Joyce is also a published author and poet and is an area contributor to Our Iowa Magazine.  She is an avid reader, enjoys making various crafts, creating necklaces and working in the yard. She also enjoys attending church and singing in the church choir. Joyce has been a lifetime supporter of 4-H, both personally and professionally.

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