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Rustie and Lori Kane were introduced to 4-H when their oldest child was old enough to join 4-H.  This was an exciting time for Lori as she was not a former 4-Her. Rustie had been a 4-Her in Fayette County and showed dairy with his siblings. 

Rustie and Lori’s four children participated in the Atom Bombers and Bombadears    4-H Clubs exhibiting livestock and building projects. Many lifetime friendships were cultivated through 4-H and especially during that special week in July when all you had worked for during the year culminated at the county fair.

Lori became the Bombadears’ leader for 17 years. Many changes occurred over the years with the Atom Bombers (boys) and Bombadears  (girls) 4-H Clubs.  The two clubs joined making the meetings quite interesting and challenging for a diverse group. Working with the kids was definitely Lori’s favorite part of 4-H; seeing them  involved, learning new things and teaching them leadership skills. Lori remembers one particularly shy member that never said a word until after her first presentation - you could just see the pride and confidence. Lori loved doing community activities, taking the kids to play cards, bingo or games with the elderly.

Lori loved to brainstorm with the kids and leaders to think of ideas on how to decorate and spread the word about 4-H. Like the kids, she loved to get the ribbons for a great job done! She wanted the kids to realize the importance of herdsmanship for the comfort of the animals and the safety of both the animals and the onlookers. 

Currently Lori is in her third year on the Buchanan County Fair Association Board, having been the secretary for 2 years. She is co-chair of the Buchanan County Fair Queen Contest, an active part of the Fundraising Committee, and helps obtain grants for grounds improvements.

Rustie has spent hours helping kids move and sort their animals on show days. He is there to lend a helping hand or give advice. Along with his sons, Troy and Landon, they have been mentors for several 4-H members, helping them with beef and swine projects. Rustie has always been there to assist with projects the Atom Bombers were participating in, whether it was hanging signs on 4-H buildings, building floats, or whenever his construction talent and farm equipment could be utilized. Rustie served on the Buchanan County Fair Association Board and continues to help with projects underway on the fair grounds.

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