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Posted on August 17, 2014 at 9:23 AM by Global Reach

Kevin and Peney Rasing are huge supporters of the Bremer County 4-H program and have always followed the motto “To Make the Best Better.” They were recipients of the 2012 Bremer County Honorary Award given to adults that were not former 4-H members, but have made a significant contribution to the 4-H program sharing their time and talents.

Our recipients this year have been a large part of the Bremer County 4-H program for the past several years. They have gone above and beyond in providing service for the 4-H’ers and those who volunteer with the program. These individuals have volunteered for a Bremer County Communication Day, served on several committees, and support the program by volunteering for

4-H events or advocating for the youth.

Kevin has even strutted his stuff at the local fashion show. They can always be counted on to go that extra mile and make the best better for the kids and create a better environment for families and youth alike. 

The Bremer County 4-H program can always count on them to have new ideas, gather volunteer supplies, and try new things to help the youth have a fantastic 4-H year!

We greatly appreciate everything they have to offer to the 4-H program. They are a great match for the 4-H Hall of Fame and fantastic examples for the Bremer County 4-H program.


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