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Posted on August 9, 2013 at 8:38 AM by Global Reach

 Elaine BaughmanThe Shelby County 4H Committee is proud to announce their 2013 Hall of Fame inductee, Elaine Baughman. Elaine is a special education teacher at the Harlan Community High School.

The start of Elaine’s 4-H experience was in Ringgold County as a member of both the Beacon Bombers and the Beacon Bomberettes 4-H clubs. Elaine was very good at cooking and sewing. One of her first cooking experiences was making cornmeal cookies. They were selected for the Iowa State Fair and she practiced making those cookies until she could not get anyone in her family to eat them anymore. In addition to her home making skills, Elaine showed swine each year at the Ringgold County Fair. 
She attended Iowa State University and ran on the women’s track team. The mile relay team that she was on held the national record for several years. She graduated from ISU and received her Master’s in Education at the University of Northern Iowa.
Elaine played many large roles at the Shelby County Fair and put in numerous volunteer hours. She has been a judge for over 35 years, judging at both the county and state level. She has been a note taker for judges, a 4H leader, poultry superintendent, horticulture superintendent, and more in addition to having three children in the Shelby County 4-H program.
Elaine has been a wonderful asset to the 4-H program in Shelby County. Her dedication and commitment to 4-H has earned her the honor of being inducted into the Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame. Congratulations Elaine!



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