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Mary SchwarzMary Schwarz has been an important part of 4-H in Scott County since her days of showing dairy cattle as a member.  Her children were longtime members and Mary served as a 4-H leader, 4-H Youth Committee member and volunteer at special events. 
Her commitment to the program has also included serving as superintendent of the 4-H Exhibit Building.  Current years find her as a judge for clothing and home improvement at the fair, as well as, a long-term election as treasurer of the Scott County Extension Council.
Mary’s commitment has always been about offering quality experiences for the 4-H youth.  As a judge, she gives praise for hard work and effort, gently making suggestions for improvement or future challenges when needed. 
Her service on the state extension council has involved making decisions with the best interests of the 4-Hers and the program in mind.



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