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Janette DrevsGrowing up in 4-H was a way of life for this Ida Grove resident. Jeanette’s

4-H career began with the Merry Maids which later was part of the Logan Stars. During the 60’s and 70’s Jeanette entered many different exhibits in the exhibit hall and showed livestock, both of which earned many ribbons and awards. Some of her exhibits were selected for the Iowa State Fair, where ribbons earned were treasured and placed in her record book. She was the recipient of the county leadership and citizenship awards. During this time, she was also on the county council, named the County Pork Queen and attended Citizenship-Washington Focus trip.

 Jeanette went to college to obtain her Interior Decorating degree.   Working with colors, fabric, patterns, and decorating were favorite past times then and today. She started the Open Class Quilt project, which is still going strong through its 16th year. 

 Jeannette’s highlights are meeting new people and helping young 4-Hers achieve their goals through practice judging. She emphasized write ups, quality of exhibits, and helped members with interview skills..   

 She was on the County 4-H Committee, the Ida County Fair Board, and District Fair Board for many years.   She remembers the tornado took out the exhibit hall and a hog barn, and   relocating the fair office and the deck after the floor gave out in the old office. She remembers having to haul water so the 4-Hers had water to wash livestock with when the cistern went dry, and when rodeo stock got loose when a gate wasn’t latched properly.

   Both of her daughters were members of the Logan Hotshots 4-H club when she was a co-leader. There were sleepless nights making sure exhibits were finished, write ups were just right, clothing seams and hems were pressed and crisp, exhibits in and out of the oven in a timely manner, photography exhibits were matted properly, and livestock loaded up and taken to the fair grounds. She would be first to volunteer to drive to livestock judging contests, ISU programs in Ames, or the many other 4-H events in which Amanda and Samantha were involved. She spent endless hours making sure their memories were put into record books. Under her tutelage her children excelled in both county and state shows, earning many ribbons and awards, as well as acquiring a strong work ethic.

 Since 1999 Jeanette has been the co-superintendent for the Open Class Department. She is always making sure the area is set up and torn down, department heads are up-to-date with fair book changes, ribbons are ordered, paper work filled out, and judges lined up.  Jeanette still tries to enter exhibits of her own as well. Seeing future 4-Her’s enter exhibits in Kids Korner and current 4-Her’s helping younger siblings entering their exhibits always makes this lady happy.

 No matter how young or old you are the 4-H spirit lives on. Today Jeanette anxiously awaits her grandchildren’s introduction to 4-H and all the fun it brings. There is no doubt, they will excel under her guidance and expertise as they become part of the legacy she has carried on…a sixth generation 4-H family is here!


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