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Diana LehmanDiane began her 4H career as a 7 year 4Her in Humboldt County belonging to the Rutland Lucky Stars. One of her fondest memories was as a 12 year old. She made a 3 tier gathered skirt that made it through achievement show judging, county show judging, and state fair judging awarding her a blue ribbon that she still has today. 

 As an adult she continued to participate in 4H as a leader of the Beaver Wide Awake Club for 10 years, as well as holding a volunteer position on the Youth Committee. 

 When a job opportunity became available at the Humboldt County Extension Office, Diane was asked if she would be interested. She became the full time 4H Program Assistant and Office Assistant and held that post for almost 22 years. In her role with extension, she was instrumental in developing and planning the Environmental Agriculture Days for all 5th graders in the region teaching Sun Safety, Fizz Bubble Goo, Girl Talk/Guy Talk, and introducing the Clover Kids Program to Humboldt County. She also enjoyed visiting schools during 4H Recruitment Week, as well as connecting with the home schooled community, to share her love of 4H with the youth.    

 When she took the county position there were 70 4H club members and she worked diligently to increase the numbers to over 300! Today, Diane continues to support 4H by judging county and state fair exhibits. 

 When asked what the most rewarding part of her job was, Diane said, “Did you happen to read the article in the newspaper about Lisa David? She has become one of the Top 50 Most Successful Women in the Nation and has attributed her success as a public speaker to the direction she received in 4H. She was one of my members. I always pushed her to achieve, and she did!”

 Diane’s husband Wayne, who has always been supportive of the 4H program and Diane’s efforts, added “When we asked the kids to help with anything they would do it. We had a lot of fun with the kids and we still see them from time to time”

In closing, Diane commented, “I loved working with the kids, it was a job I really loved. Looking back, the memories are always good. There are a lot of good kids out there!” She worked hard to build a program that Humboldt County could take pride in.

 The Humboldt County Extension Council is pleased to nominate Diane Lehman into the 4H Hall of Fame for her outstanding involvement in Humboldt and our surrounding counties.

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