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Diana WeigertDiana began 4-H as a young girl and was a member in Mt. Union for 9 years. 4-H was her passion as a youth and it has continued into her adulthood.

 Diana spent significant time with her grandmother who always inspired her to try new things. Diana learned to crochet from her grandmother, her creativity was very apparent as a child. As a young girl, Diana taught herself how to knit and sew. She was never afraid to try something new! While in 4-H, she participated in projects such as sewing, art, canning, gardening, and livestock.

 After graduating from Mt. Pleasant High school, she married David Weigert. Diana became a

4-H leader in 1979 and encouraged her own two children to be in 4H at this time. From this point on, Diana has inspired, encouraged and directed youth to enroll in the 4-H program. During her leadership, Diana taught youth to sew, knit, learn about arts and focus on care for animals. Her ambition to share her love for 4-H and teaching has inspired many youth in the Henry County

4-H program.

 Diana continues to dedicate much of her time to the 4H program and her club members. She has been a leader for more than 30 years and is currently a leader of the Jackson Jrs 4-H Club of Mt. Pleasant. Diana prepares a new art project for the members each month, encouraging them to try new and exciting things. She strives to promote and inspire the youth in 4H.

 Diana is the kind of leader that taught 4Hers how to run a proper business meeting, keep monthly club notes, and fulfill all office duties. She teaches youth how to give presentations and learn record keeping skills. She shares her passion with her members in project areas like photography, gardening, sewing, painting, proper livestock care and showmanship as well as a multitude of art projects.

 Currently Diana lives in New London, Iowa and is the art teacher for the Mt. Pleasant home school program; she owns and operates her own business, Country Lane Fiber Arts. She spins wool, uses a loom, sells different kinds of yarns, knitting needles and has more crafts and projects every day. She also teaches beginners how to do the crafts they want to learn, such as knitting or spinning, just to name a few. Diana enjoys gardening, spending time with family, knitting, sewing and, of course, teaching beginners how to achieve their goals. She has two children, five grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.

 Diana’s love for the 4H program is apparent in everything she does. Her dedication to the program is continuous. She is most deserving of this honor with her countless hours of volunteerism and her passion to teach youth. Congratulation Diana and thank you for your years of service to the Henry County 4-H Program!



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