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Neil and Julie LansingNeil and Julie Lansing of West Union have been life-long supporters and have gone the extra mile with the 4-H program in Fayette County. All six of their children were very active in 4-H and five of them served or are currently serving on the Iowa State 4-H Council. Neil and Julie have encouraged their grandchildren to be 4-H members. One currently is a member, one a Clover Kid and the other two wait patiently to reach 4-H age.

 Neil graduated high school and immediately became a 4-H leader with encouragement from a former leader of the Eldorado Eagles boys club. Julie didn’t grow up in 4-H but it didn’t take long for her to join as ten years later she became the leader of the Diligent Doverettes girls’ 4-H club. Later the club name was changed to Diligent Dovers. Due to a drop in youth numbers in that area the two clubs have recently become one in which Neil and Julie remain involved. 

Each summer Neil and Julie serve as camp cooks and project assistants at Pinebluff 4-H camp near Decorah. Serving in this volunteer position allows them to reconnect with former 4-H members who are bringing their children to camp.

Over the years they have assisted five County Youth Coordinators and served as advisors for the Fayette County 4-H Youth Council. Each month Neil and Julie meet with the members to encourage county wide leadership and citizenship projects. Neil and Julie were advisors for the Northeast Iowa Area 4-H Council, until it disbanded in 2008.

Neil has served on the Fayette County Extension Council, from 1984-1987 and from 1991 to present. He also represents Fayette County on the Region 4 Regional Council. He has also served 16 years on the Fayette County Youth Committee.

 Being lifelong dairy farmers in the county Neil has assisted at Iowa’s Dairy Story at Northeast Iowa Community College in Calmar educating youth about the cow’s digestive system and providing barn tours to the young youth who visit the facility.

The Lansing family is not only involved in 4-H but in their community and church where they are in charge of Sunday night cards and Neil is involved with the Knights of Columbus.

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