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Richard and Wendy Sperfslage

“Every 4-Her we considered ours, there was no one we wouldn’t help if we were able” said Wendy. This was evident in Richard and Wendy’s continued involvement in the Buchanan County 4-H program. Buchanan County 4-H and its members have grown stronger because of their help and support.

Their involvement began as local pork producer members working in the pork booth at the fair. As their kids became involved in 4-H, Richard and Wendy also became more involved. Richard and Wendy joined the swine committee and helped computerize the fair process including making programs and recording weights. Wendy took her program experience and helped others, including the beef committee and the pie auction committee. 

Richard helped support Wendy with the pie auction as she and some other women started the “Hog Pan Pie”, now a 15 year tradition at Buchanan County 4-H’s only fundraising event, the county fair pie auction. Richard was ‘pie taste tester’. 

During the fair, Richard and Wendy would assist kids in almost every barn prepare for the shows. Richard stayed back in the barns telling kids and parents what classes were coming up and when they needed to take their animal to the ring. Wendy would also help in the barn, holding area, or in the show ring- wherever she was needed. Many times Richard and Wendy actually missed watching their own children show their animals because they were so involved helping all of the 4-Hers. The county fair was the Sperfslage’s annual summer vacation.

Richard and Wendy’s 4-H involvement was year round. They helped with maintenance at the fairgrounds prior to the fair so the buildings and grounds were more welcoming to the public. Wendy served two terms as a Buchanan County Extension Council member, and many terms on Buchanan County’s Youth Advisory Committee.

They have mentored many 4-H members over the years. They aren’t afraid to stand up for the 4-H members and will always lend a helping hand to any youth. There are just not enough words to express how Richard and Wendy have helped Buchanan County 4-H. Buchanan County Extension and the 4-H program are honored to have such devoted support in Richard and Wendy Sperfslage 

Currently Richard and Wendy are taking a break from the 4-H program. Wendy made it clear that it is just a break, they will be back. The Sperfslage’s are waiting for the next generation of their family to get involved with fair and they will jump on board to help. Richard and Wendy will be back sooner rather than later, because their 4 year old grandson has already begun breeding for his 4-H beef project. Thanks to Richard and Wendy’s help and the values they instilled in their own children and other 4-Hers, the 4-H program in Buchanan County has a bright future.

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