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Jim CurtisJim Curtis has been a business leader and 4-H supporter in Corning and Adams County for more than 50 years. Jim bought hogs for Wilson Co. for 30 years, owned an animal health store in Corning for several years and today, after 27 years, continues to own and manage Feeders Grain and Supply in Corning.

Jim Curtis loves to help 4-Hers and FFA members with their livestock projects. Jim does all he can to help youth have a good experience and success. He has given away baby chicks, reduced feed costs for 4-Hers and FFA members, extended credit at no cost, and paid premium prices for many, many animals at 4-H fair sales the entire time he has been in business.

Jim grew up on a farm and as a 4-Her in Taylor County. He attended high school in Corning and was an FFA member and graduated from there. Jim attended a farm short course at Iowa State University and has been a great supporter of Adams County Extension and 4-H throughout his life. He is married to Carolyn (Hill), who was a 4-Her and 4-H leader in Adams County. Jim and Carolyn contribute to the Adams County 4-H Endowment Fund and have helped make that a successful endeavor in Adams County as well.

Jim was awarded the 4-H Alumni Award in Adams County in 1979 and the Friends of 4-H Award in Adams County in 2004. The Adams County Youth and 4-H committee proudly and with great respect, nominate Jim Curtis as their 2013 Adams County 4-H Hall of Fame recipient.

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