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Mike SchoningFor decades, Mike Schoning has been an active member, volunteer and supporter of 4-H programs in Clay County.  Being a “4-H’er” has been a life-long endeavor –Mike has been a 4-H member, parent, and volunteer for decades!   As a 4-H parent he was an active helper with the members of the club, being an encouragement to them in their project work.  Later, he chose to volunteer in an official capacity as a committee member in the Clay County 4-H program. 
After years as a member and parent involved in 4-H activities, Mike has served as a Clay County 4-H Sheep and Beef Superintendent.  For over 20 years, Mike has volunteered as a committee member, serving as a superintendent with admirable dedication.  In both Sheep and Beef departments he’s worked to create opportunities for youth to learn and showcase their accomplishments in their chosen project areas.  In working with the scramble calf program, youth new to the beef project area were able to participate and be mentored one-on-one.  Each day of the fair, you will see him working as an active member of the committee at weigh-ins, in the barns or in the livestock office working with other volunteers to make each Clay County Fair a great experience for the 4-H members and their families. 
When we asked his son, Matt, about his volunteerism with the 4-H project, he was proud to say that Mike was interactive with the 4-H members, and really enjoyed working with them and helping them with showing their livestock and learning about their projects. 
A former 4-H member and fellow volunteer, Ryan Phillips, had more great things to say about Mike and his dedication to the Clay County 4-H program.  “Mike has been volunteering for over 20 years, and has driven many miles to contribute.  Mike is always focused on what is fair and what is best for the kids involved in the program.  He’s a great example of what a 4-H volunteer should be.”

Through the years many individual 4-H members have been impacted by Mike’s quiet leadership in significant ways; being encouraged at the fair, participating in the scramble calf program as a beginner project opportunity, receiving a bid in the sale area, or a helpful tip for showmanship.   Balancing hard work, learning, fun and participation, Mike is a great example of volunteerism in Clay County 4-H.   


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