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2011 Mills CountyTeri Sanderson is one of those rare gems who makes volunteering a top priority.  No matter how busy she is with her own family and work, she never hesitates to say, “yes” when it comes to making a difference in the lives of our young people.  She is a positive influence who consistently demonstrates a “we can do this” attitude- assuring our youth she is beside them all the way.

Teri was not a 4-H member as a youth, but when her son, Cody, joined 4-H, she jumped in to be a helpful and supportive parent.  By the second year of his 4-H career, Ms. Sanderson volunteered to be a co-leader of the club and hasn’t looked back for the past 19 years.  Under her leadership, the Lively Oaks 4-H club grew significantly in number of members as well as involvement in the community and as a caring and service-oriented Club. 

Teri became the superintendent of the poultry project for Mills County.  Through her enthusiasm, welcoming demeanor to families and youth, and her unending energy, she increased the number of 4H poultry project members from 3 to 40!  With her guidance, the number of birds exhibited at the fair grew to over 200 this past year.  The poultry exhibits now have their own building on the fair grounds.  Teri doesn’t just encourage the 4H’ers to get into the project area, she provides the education and support needed for them to become knowledgeable about their animals and raise them successfully.

In addition to being a club leader and poultry superintendent, Teri became a pollorum tester, has served as open class superintendent of the fair, helped with interviews and workshops as needed, and served on the County Youth Committee for four years. 

Teri Sanderson truly represents the four leaves of the clover.  She develops knowledge in our youth and families, opens her heart to all, is always willing to lend a helping hand to others, and promotes health by ensuring our youth have the knowledge and husbandry skills, as well as the confidence to raise healthy animals.

Mills County is proud to nominate Teri Sanderson into the Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame.

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