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2011 Louisa CountyIt’s understandable when a parent or grandparent contributes time, money, sweat and tears to the 4-H program in Iowa, especially when they were also in 4-H; that’s an investment in family and the future.  But how do you explain someone that makes that kind of investment without family ties to 4-H?

Such is the case with Doctor Raymond Dill, DVM.  “Doc Dill” as he is called became the vet to animals big and small in Morning Sun in 1955, just a year after graduation from Kansas State (he worked one year in Nebraska before coming here).  Doc had never been in 4-H and his children were not in 4-H, but that didn’t stop him from getting involved.  So that very first year in Louisa County he became the official vet for the Louisa County Fair and he has held that position ever since, sometimes in a partnership with another vet. 

Doc says he remembers the years when the fair vet would ride along to the 4-H member farms with one of the youth leaders in the club.  Inspections of the animals would happen on the farm and he wrote up the health certificates right on the farm.  In more recent years the laws changed and inspections now happen the first day that animals arrive at the fair.  Although Doc has seen very few infectious diseases in the fair animals he has seen some heat stroke and had to treat animals during the Fair.

In addition to being the fair veterinarian, over the last 56 years, Doc visited most of the 4-H Clubs in Louisa County to teach classes on animal care and animal husbandry.  He dealt with and taught 4-H members about the diseases, scares, regulations and changes that have taken place in livestock production over the years.  He has held the chicks and the calves; checked the ewes, the steers and stallions.

The 4-Hers, leaders and supporters of the Louisa County 4-H Program, Iowa State University Extension in Louisa County and the Louisa County Fair are pleased to honor Doctor Raymond Dill for his contribution to 4-H in Iowa.

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