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2011 Jones CountyAnn’s 4-H experience started in the fall of 1957 when two neighbors invited her to join them as leaders of the Castle Grove Fortune Finders 4-H Club. It has been a wonderful part of her life ever since. Good times were had in baking biscuits, sewing clothes, refinishing furniture, giving presentations and even helping members learn how to keep good financial records. Later, Ann’s daughter joined 4-H, and Ann became a leader for the Richland Rockettes.

When Ann became a member of the County Youth Committee, she had her first experience of judging record books. As she concluded her many years as a club leaders, Ann started attending the judges training workshops. Over the years, she has judged 4-H exhibits in Cedar, Clinton, Delaware, Dubuque, Jackson, Linn and Scott counties. She is still an active judge today. Her most recent judging adventure was with Clover Kids’ exhibits at the Great Jones County Fair.

In her words, “I love the truthfulness of the youngsters as they explain the how’s and why’s of their project, and what worked and didn’t work. The youngsters praise mom, dad, brother, and sister for helping them and then beam with pride as they walk off with their ribbon.”

Whether it’s judging county achievement shows or going on project tours to evaluate member’s garden project, Ann’s mission has always been to help the 4-H member do their best.
Ann has always been a very willing volunteer for the 4-H program in Jones County. On occasion, she can still be found at the Extension office judging record books. She is quick to say that 4-H has actually done a lot for her and that she has been proud to be a little part of the whole organization. She’s quick to say that it’s been fifty-four years well spent!

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