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2011 Humboldt CountyChristine Frohling waited with enthusiastic patience to become a 4-H member following in the footsteps of her mother and two older sisters in their 4-H experiences. She was always willing to give demonstrations and lead workshops and help organize activities.

Her stories indicate she really enjoyed food and nutrition and was given firsthand experience when she and her sisters were responsible for the food preparation while their mother attended Drake University to complete here BA.

She modeled the jumper and beret she sewed for the Style Revue and received recognition for ‘Best Construction’. By the following year she was sewing garments for her wardrobe for school.

Another year she had two state fair entries and suddenly felt that all the little things she learned were of great benefit when tackling larger projects. This was also the year she took on the challenge of club president, won the Rural Electric essay contest for Humboldt County a trip to Washington DC.  This was also the year she decided to take another college Physics class the summer of her junior year as she had done the previous summer taking a biology class.

In the last story written in her record book after a very inspiring Rally Day and a Retreat she wrote “At both of these moments I wished I was ten again and just beginning 4-H again. I’d get more involved in projects, camps, county workshops to reach beyond our local club. I would have done more things so people would say ‘Hey! That’s Chris Frohling! She really knows what 4-H is all about!’ “During her 4-H career she was awarded the Iowa Merit Award.

Humboldt County has continued to present an annual award to the best 4-H club president in the county in her memory after her untimely death due to an automobile accident.

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