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2011 Carroll CountyThe Mohr Family is a remarkable 4-H family.  Franklin and Arlene Mohr started being involved in 4-H when their 2 oldest children were old enough to join. Arlene became a leader of the Manning Cadets while Franklin became a leader of the Manning Win or Grin.  Each of them spent endless hours helping their children as well as other 4-Hers with 4-H projects, record books, demonstrations, and breaking & grooming animals for fair. 

Franklin and Arlene have 9 children, all being involved in 4-H - Steven, Deborah, Michael, Daniel, Rebecca, Jonathan, Elizabeth, Mary Ann, and Michelle.  Between these 9 children, Frank and Arlene would help them exhibit at the Carroll County Fair, Crawford County Fair, Clay County Fair, 4 County Fair, Iowa State Fair, Ak-Sar-Ben, Kansas City Royal and Louisville, Kentucky.  All their children have won many awards through 4-H.  Franklin and Arlene also had the privilege of having their daughters, Deborah and Rebecca, chosen for Iowa Ak-Sar-Ben Queens, Ak-Sar-Ben District Dairy Princesses, and Rebecca as Iowa Dairy Princess. 

Frank always said, “If we have it on the farm, we will show it at the fair.”  Frank and Arlene’s family showed a variety of animals including beef cattle, dairy cattle, horses, hogs, sheep, rabbits, chickens and goats.  Recently, Franklin has served as superintendent of the Dairy Cattle Show, Horse Show and Rabbit Show.

Arlene has been a big supporter of static exhibits at the fair.  She made sure all of her children knew how to cook and sew. She loved to help other 4-Hers learned to do the same things. She still helps as a static exhibit comment writer for the Carroll County Fair.

Frank and Arlene are still leaders today of the Manning Win or Grin with their 2 oldest daughters, Deborah and Rebecca. To date, besides having all nine children involved in 4-H, they have had 14 of their 33 grand-children involved in the Carroll County 4-H program.

Franklin and Arlene have always extended their kindness and heart for 4-H to those beyond their family.  They are always ready to greet you with a kiss on the cheek and a hug making EVERYONE feel like part of the family.  Their time and dedication to the 4-H program has been much appreciated. 

Their family is honored to have had such great parents that allowed them to be so involved in
4-H from the county and state levels to attending the 4-H Citizenship trip to Washington D.C.

Franklin and Arlene are also involved in their church as they have served as Sunday School teachers, Bible School teachers, Church Elder and Evening Circle President.

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