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Posted on August 30, 2011 at 2:17 PM by Global Reach

2011 Buchanan CountyDr. Don Dutler has been a veterinarian at the Winthrop Veterinary Clinic since 1973. During his time with the vet clinic Don volunteered to help with many aspects of the Buchanan County Fair livestock program. He has organized fellow veterinarians to assist with animal inspections, coordinated the transportation of swine from the fairgrounds to the packing plant, and offered advice on matters relating to the health and safety of the animals at the fair. Dr. Dutler has been very active with the swine program for many years by helping at the weigh-ins, furnishing cleaning supplies, and making sure the exhibitors are ready to go in the show ring. He has been proactive by keeping up to date on possible diseases and informing the Extension Office staff of any concerns that need to be addressed to prevent the spread of a disease. Don makes sure the livestock program at the Buchanan County Fair is safe and enjoyable for all of the participants, volunteers, and spectators.

In addition to volunteering with the 4-H program, Dr. Dutler is active in the community. He volunteers and assists with various events to help others who might be having a hard time. A recent example was a benefit for one of the 4-H families where the dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. While Don’s wife was the one who organized the details of the benefit, he was very supportive and assisted on the day of the benefit. The family was grateful for the excellent turn out and it couldn’t have been done without the volunteers and supporters that took part before, during, and after the event.

A Buchanan County 4-H member, had this to say about Dr. Dutler: “There aren’t many people who want to volunteer for as many years as Doc has. He still enjoys it and wants to make a difference for the kids in our county.”

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