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2011 Woodbury CountySheryl McGowan has a connection to 4-H that reaches back to its origins and promises to continue far into the future. Sheryl’s father, George Fulcher, was a 4-H club member from Sac County in the 1920s. Sheryl and each of her five siblings were 4-H members in Calhoun and Pocahontas from the early 1950s through the 1970’s.

As a youth, Sheryl belonged to a club in Calhoun County. She was active in the home economics aspects of 4-H which inspired her to study home economics education in college. Upon her graduation, she married, Dr. Gerald McGowan, also a native of Iowa. Together they raised five children. Sheryl’s three sons, Mike, Chris, and Mark, were members of the 4 Leaf Falcons in Sioux City, Iowa. Her daughter’s, Eileen and Laura, were members of the Lucky Lassies 4-H Club where Sheryl served as a club leader and Woodbury County 4-H volunteer for over twenty years.
Through her involvement in 4-H, McGowan, has shared her time and talent with others. Some of the highlights of her 4-H career include serving as the Woodbury County 4-H building superintendent, past superintendent of communications, food and nutrition, and mechanical and engineering superintendent. Mrs. McGowan served on the Woodbury County Sub Committee and was a trustee for the Iowa 4-H Foundation. In 1995 she was honored with an outstanding 4-H alumni award at the Iowa Youth and 4-H Conference. In 1995 Sheryl was also honored by Governor Terry Branstad with the state volunteer award for community service and leadership.
Sheryl enjoyed a sense of pride each time one of her 4-H members experienced success and many of her long time friendships developed with co-leaders during those busy 4-H years. In 2002 Sheryl and her good friend and past co-leader, Lou Roach, were honored by their husbands who acted as underwriters for the book A 4-H Story Helping Hands Caring Hearts a book written to commemorate the hundredth birthday of 4-H.
The most important aspect of Sheryl’s involvement in the 4-H organization has been the incredible legacy she has passed on to the next generation of 4-Hers. Sheryl McGowan has twenty four grandchildren. One, has graduated from
4-H, nine are currently 4-H members and the other fourteen grandchildren are 4-H wanna be’s anxiously awaiting the fourth grade. Sheryl is still active as a resource leader for sewing and many of her grandchildren’s project interests.
Aside from her work as a 4-H volunteer Sheryl has been active in the Siouxland United Way, the Sioux City Symphony, the Sioux City Junior League, Bishop Heelan Catholic Schools, the Sioux City Diocesan Bishop’s Dinner, the Mercy Hospital Gala, Trinity Heights, Catholic Charities and Blessed Sacrament Church.

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I don't know that anyone can imagine the commitment and energy that Sheryl has given to the 4-H program on the local, county, state and even national level. As her "baby" sister, I have learned (and continue to learn) a lot from her example in all aspects of life. Now she is passing that legacy onto her grandchildren. Congratulations to a very deserving 4-H Hall of Famer!!!
Rhonda Fulcher Coon | 3/20/23 at 3:16 AM
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