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2011 Union CountyWhether Carol Glynn was searching for treasures at a garage sale or junk shop or teaching a shy, awkward young 4-Her self-confidence and other life-skills, she was the epitome of “to make the best better.” With staunch determination, no amount of external tarnish or internal doubt ever deterred Carol from achieving the result she believed was possible.

Raised on a farm near Wiota, Carol Jeppesen Glynn developed her passion for 4-H and its teachings as a girls’ club member in Cass County. As Carol and husband Walt, also a former 4-Her, raised their four children on the farm just south of Creston, they served several years as leaders of the Douglas Boosters 4-H club.
The Glynn children might reflect on their mother’s passion, determination and commitment to 4-H more as insistence and just plain “pushing”, but that was all a part of Carol’s well-meaning personality and the characteristics that helped her enrich the lives of the youth she worked with through 4-H. She was never shy about saying, “I just think it should be done like (fill in the blank), or “this would be a great project, let’s get started.”
During the years as 4-H leader and 4-H parent, Carol’s involvement expanded beyond the typical roll of leader and became one more of surrogate parent to her extended family of Douglas Boosters club members and 4-H youth across Union County and southwest Iowa. Year after year, Carol was at the wheel taking a car full of kids to 4-H camp, stopping in Adair County or other spots along the way to pick up someone who needed a ride. Many a youngster learned to bake cookies, pies and cakes in Carol’s kitchen or to grow vegetables or flowers at the Glynn farm. Carol often took under her motherly wing a child who may not have been able to experience the 4-H program if it had not been for her commitment, caring, time and resources.
Refinishing furniture and turning trash to treasure were some of her best-loved hobbies that she delighted in sharing with 4-H members. Clothing selection projects often came from second-hand shops and this practice of Carol’s was the inspiration for a project area specifically for second-hand clothing purchases. She loved to take something old or out of sorts and transform it. That included putting her loving wisdom and steady, encouraging hands to work transforming many children into self-confident and capable young adults.
Carol Glynn touched the lives of young people who will proudly carry on her legacies of turning trash to treasure and unselfishly giving to others. Carol, 67 lost her life to breast cancer on January 9, 2011. She is survived by husband Walt, children Thane and Rachel Glynn of Creston; Matt Glynn of Ankeny; Jodi and Chad Larson of Ankeny, Dirk and Beth Glynn of Carroll and nine grandchildren.

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