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2011 Taylor CountyCheryl Wilson’s vibrancy and enthusiasm for the 4-H program has greatly impacted the youth in Taylor County. Her leadership and organizational skills influenced many 4-Her’s throughout the years. With her compassionate personality and unselfish generosity, 4-Her’s immediately felt connected to the 4-H programs.     

Cheryl lives on a farm with her husband Mark. She currently is a nurse for Taylor County Public Health in Bedford. She serves on nursing boards, a disaster team, and she helps with clinics put on by Public Health. Cheryl is actively involved in the family farming operation. Furthermore, Cheryl has been very active in the community. She and her husband are members of the Taylor County Cattlemen, the United Methodist Church, and she served on the Taylor County Fair Board for a few years.
Growing up, their sons Ryan, Tim, and Jake were very active in 4-H. This led Cheryl to become a leader of the Platte Peppy Pals 4-H Club, a position she held for 20 years.   She “retired” as a leader in 2008, but she is still an active member on the Taylor County 4-H Foundation Board. Some of her other activities and accomplishments include the following: a member of the Taylor County Extension Council for eight years, announcer for the Taylor County Fair Beef & Swine shows, and in 2007, she was named the Taylor County 4-H Alumni of the Year.
She still supports 4-Her’s by participating in club tours and watching all of the livestock shows at the Taylor County Fair and Iowa State Fair. Cheryl also enjoys being around animals, puttering in her garden, fishing, and camping with family and friends. One of her favorite activities at the fair was to help kids wash their pigs. Cheryl also became the target to get wet during the notorious water fights at the fair. Her fun and energetic spirit was a catalyst for the Taylor County 4-H program.
Cheryl Wilson’s continued commitment to 4-H youth has made a difference in the lives of many Taylor County 4-H members and their families. Her willingness to always put kids first has helped many to become successful individuals. Because of her 4-H spirit and dedication to the program, we are pleased to recognize Cheryl Wilson with this Iowa Hall of Fame honor.

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