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2011 Story CountyDon and Doris Goering’s involvement in 4-H has been a life-long commitment. Each of them were 4-H’ers as youth, Don in Scott County and Doris in Keokuk County. Doris served as County girls' 4-H president. Don was also an active 4-H’er, participating in livestock shows.

Both Don and Doris became 4-H leaders in Story County. Don started the Building Beavers 4-H Club in Ames in the early 1970’s serving as their leader 9 years. It was the 2nd boys’ club in the city at the time. After meetings he regularly followed up on all the details that needed to be taken care, making sure each young person had questions answered and arrangements made for their participation in the program.
Doris was leader of the Ames Cycloneers 4-H club with daughter Deb as a member. She also led a special needs group and served as a resource leader for the Building Beavers. Doris was recognized as a 20-year Story County 4-H leader.
Doris and Don have a passion for the 4-H Communication program. For several years Doris served as the county 4-H Communications Project Leader. She initiated the idea of holding the county contest in the spring of the year which made it easier for more
4-H’ers to participate. Besides organizing the contest, she held workshops and developed resources that were later used state wide. Doris started the Best in Communication Award. Don and Doris provided special ribbons for the contest which  contest winners were thrilled to receive. Through Doris’s leadership, Story County was known for its large participation in the communication contest, with 150 or more youth participating each year.
Don’s extension career included 4-H positions at the county and state level. He was in charge of the 4-H State Conference for 14 years, worked with numerous Volunteer 4-H Leaders’ Forums, and organized the State Communication program at the State Fair for several years. He introduced extemporaneous speaking into the State Communication program. The State Fair 4-H Communication Program involved over 2000 4-H’ers. Doris supported Don as a volunteer, giving countless hours for at least 12 years. During that time a data base was developed to help track all 100 counties. To further recognize 4-Hers that excelled, they established the Goering Endowed 4-H Communications Scholarship.
Don and Doris have continued to volunteer at county and state 4-H events, assisting with 4-H reunions, exhibit entry day at State Fair, as well as serving as county and state fair communication judges. 
Including the generation before them, Don and Doris, their children and  grandchildren, they are a 4-generation 4-H family. With the love of 4-H they have passed on to their grandchildren, we see this pattern continuing for years to come.

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