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2011 Shelby CountyThe Shelby County 4-H Committee is proud to nominate Patti Blum to be a member of the State 4-H Hall of Fame.

Patti has been involved in 4H for over 30 years.  She began as most do, helping out her son with his 4H projects, gradually taking on the role of project leader and then a club leader.  When Patti moved to Iowa from California she became a 4H leader for her daughters 4H club, and started working at the Shelby County Extension Office. 
Patti served Shelby County as the 4-H Program Assistant for 13 years, working with countless leaders, volunteers and 4-H members during this time to keep the 4-H program strong. She was an advisor to the County Youth Council, helping to plan county-wide activities for 4-Hers of all ages and encouraging youth to get involved, learn and grow through 4-H. She also helped coordinate community activities such as farm safety classes, regional camps and many other summer experiences for local youth. Patti worked with the DNR in bringing Fish Iowa to the youth of the county, being one of the first in the state to adopt the program.  In 2000, Patti and her husband Ralph were named as Honorary Shelby County 4-H Members at the annual 4-H recognition night.
Patti supports 4-H at the state level as well, and has worked as a superintendent for the Issues department at the Iowa State Fair for many years.She has served on the Iowa 4H Foundation Board of Trustees and headed up the fundraising committee on the Board. Her love of working with youth really comes through in judging, and she continues to be a 4-H judge for communications and static exhibits at many county and state fairs to help youth realize their potential with her positive guidance.
Her positive attitude and unwavering support for the 4-H program and the youth of Iowa helps keep the 4-H spirit alive and well!

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