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2011 Ringgold CountyPreston Hayes is an example of someone who bleeds green – he believes in 4-H. Preston was always interested in livestock growing up as a youngster in Sioux City, and although he was never a 4-H member he believes in 4-H. From there his passion continued as he served as Ringgold County Extension Education Director for 14 years and became an honorary 4-H member.

As County Extension Director, Preston believed in helping the youth to become the best that they could be. He always encouraged the local youth to experience the opportunities that were provided within the county, but also stressed the importance of participating in activities outside of the county too. He played an important part in the organization of a “4-H Exchange” of youth in other counties – 3-day weekend stay with a 4-H’er in another county. He also urged youth to attend 4-H camps so they could learn the valuable life skills camp has to offer. He served as a camp helper many years, as well.  
Preston also believed in helping make the 4-H volunteers the best they could be. He made a conscience effort every year as County Extension Director to go to at least one 4-H club meeting of each 4-H club in the county. He wanted to be aware of what they were doing and what he could do to help.
One of Preston’s interests in life is poultry. He has a doctorate degree in poultry science and nutrition from Iowa State University. He loves to share his knowledge with others and does so by judging the poultry show at county fairs. Preston was interested in helping others learn by doing, especially in the poultry project. He worked with Campbell Soup to create an opportunity for county youth to receive and exhibit poultry at the Ringgold County Fair. 
Preston has done a great deal for Ringgold County 4-H. What he is most known for is his ability to make every 4-H youth feel special. In the past and yet today, he always makes a point to talk to every 4-H member and tell them how great he thinks their exhibit is, whether it be livestock or something in the 4-H building.     
Preston’s green blood will flow forever. He makes sure he stresses to everyone he meets how important 4-H is and what positive impacts it has on a person. He has been an honorary 4-H member, 4-H parent, and now a proud 4-H grandparent. He’s doing his part to pass his green blood on to others in his family and for future generations, too.    

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