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Bert and Julie NaigBert and Julie Naig are both native Palo Alto County 4-H’ers.  Bert joined the Independence Boosters as a teenager.  He was primarily involved in livestock activities.  Julie was a nine-year member of the Rush Lake Peppy Pals 4-H Club and served as club president.  She was the county council vice president, represented Palo Alto County in the state clothing event and was the winner of the state Make it with Wool Contest.  Today they reside near Cylinder and are the parents of two grown daughters, Amy and Karen, and have two grandchildren.

Bert came back to the 4-H program as an adult volunteer.  He served as the Palo Alto County Fair Manager for five years.  In 1996 Bert was elected to the Palo Alto County Fair Association as a fair board member.  In the 1990’s, he served the 4-H program as rabbit superintendent.  Bert has been the beef superintendent for countless years.  He was instrumental in developing the bucket bottle calf program in Palo Alto County.  Bert served two years as a leader of the Independence Boosters 4-H Club to keep the club going.  He is the backbone of the Shooting Sports Club in Palo Alto County and has served as coordinator for the last five years.  Bert is the fair board “go to guy” for answers to most questions and assists in solving all problems.  He is a master of all trades and the Palo Alto County Fair would not be what it is today without his knowledge and technical assistance.

Julie returned to 4-H while Bert was the fair manager.  She volunteered countless hours assisting with her daughter’s 4-H club as well as helping with setting up the fair, judging day and cleaning up after the fair.  She later joined extension and has served as the Palo Alto County CYC for the last 15 years.  She is dedicated to the youth of the county and volunteers many hours to 4-H above and beyond her job.  Julie is extremely busy advising the county council and working on activities such as county council retreats, 4-H lock ins, intermediate trips and junior day camp.  It is very important to Julie that additional opportunities outside the local club be available to        4-H’ers in Palo Alto County.  She developed the Clover Kids program with clubs in each of the four school districts in the county.  Julie even has personalized license plates on her vehicle that say 4 H.

Either Bert, or Julie, and usually both are present at every 4-H countywide activity.  They work tirelessly to ensure the success of each activity.  Neither want to be in the spotlight for their contributions, but both are very active in the background.  They are instrumental in making sure 4-H offers something for all of the youth.

The 4-H program in Palo Alto County would not be what it is today without Bert & Julie Naig.  We salute them for all they have done for 4-H.

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