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Geri JohnsonGeri Johnson is sincerely a generous and hard-working community leader.  She agrees to serve the county in so many ways because she truly cares about people and communities.  Geri has served on the Monona County Extension Council since 2003 and has been the council representative on the Extension 4-H & Youth Committee.  She is also on the West Monona School Board as well as many other community boards.  Geri speaks up for programs and causes that she strongly believes are important; and her efforts are always in support of helping others, especially youth.  There are times when Geri has come upon good fortune for herself and she turns around and looks for children or families or community needs where she can anonymously donate her success.  One spring she provided back packs for all Headstart children, bought t-shirts for youth who participate in the Ricochet Extension youth leadership program, and many times, paid registration fees and provided transportation so kids could attend events or participate in programs.  Geri has served on a leadership panel in the Ricochet program and assisted in leading activities at school to promote Ricochet.  Geri believes in helping people better prepare to manage their lives; thus, she is a great asset to Extension.  It is important to Geri that those who are disadvantaged have opportunities and she generously seeks out needed support that she can provide.  She is extremely generous in supporting local youth through attending events and sending notes of congratulations and recognition, making special effort for youth who lack other support.  When Geri serves on a board, she doesn’t just attend meetings.  She volunteers to do the extra work of the group, participating in meetings, conferences, or events on their behalf.  Geri is one of the most generous donors of the Monona County 4-H program through the 4-H Foundation silent auction, Monona County 4-H pie auction and through 4-H county fair awards and premiums.  Geri gives of her time and other resources with enthusiasm and a positive attitude.  She works well with and connects with ALL people.  She speaks out for fairness and opportunity and cooperation.  She has helped with county 4-H programs through the years and often in above and beyond ways; such as putting worms on the hooks for young people at the 4-H fishing camp and chaperoning the county fair teen dance.  Her contributions are done in a way to positively interact with those she is helping; to result in good feelings for others.

It is truly an amazing opportunity to have Geri Johnson serving and providing leadership in our community and our county.  She makes things happen and cares!

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