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Kathy Scott PearceKathy Scott Pearce grew up in rural Malvern, Iowa and has lived on the family farm most of her life.  She and her husband, Tom, have two children, Renee and Rod who are also 4-H leaders.  All five of her grandchildren have participated in the 4-H as members of the Silver Creek Go-Getters 4-H club.

After completing 9 years as a 4-H member, Kathy made a lifelong dedication to 4-H.  She has been a 4-H project or organizational leader for 31 years.  She continues to engage youth and adults by sharing her passion for her favorite project areas: clothing, food and nutrition and home furnishings.  She has served as clothing superintendent for nearly two decades.  Clothing Contest participants can count on having a cheerleader and confidence builder the moment they walk in the door and are greeted by Kathy.  This program has grown tremendously over the years under her leadership.

Kathy has devoted countless hours to the 4-H program by serving on the Mills County Youth Committee, Extension Council, various planning committees and as a superintendent for Family and Consumer Science at the fair. When Kathy commits to anything, she gives more than100%.  She is there because she wants to help others and “make the best better”. She goes out of her way to make sure her 4-H’ers are successful.  This often means opening her home, pasture and barn to anyone who wants to learn and be a part of 4-H.

Kathy works tirelessly to help 4-H families learn the ropes of the 4-H program.  She encourages parents to become involved, knowing this is a key part of the 4-Hers’ experience.  She takes youth under her wing to help them grow as individuals, and devotes as much time as it takes to ensure they feel they are an important part of the project or group.

Kathy says 4-H has always been a part of the Scott/Pearce life.  She was a member of two clubs, boys and girls clubs, as you had to be a member of the boys’ club to show livestock’.  She kept two separate record books.  The people she met and gets to work with through 4-H are a special part of her life.  “Life skills are the biggest 4-H award a person can receive!”

Kathy Pearce is a dedicated volunteer who has committed her life to our 4-H youth.  She is truly a wonderful example of the “heart of 4-H”.

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