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Diana and Ralph Coxiana and Ralph Cox are dedicated, outstanding 4-H volunteers in Johnson County. Diana has been a 4-H leader of the Sharon Center Sensations, a member of the Johnson County 4-H Youth Development Committee, and an active team member for the Iowa 4-H Volunteer Forum.  Ralph is a trained instructor in 4-H SESS (Safety Education in Shooting Sports); he has provided leadership for the Johnson and Washington County programs.   Diana and Ralph are always available in Johnson County 4-H at the times when extra hands and creative ideas are most needed.  Johnson County says thanks for contributing hundreds of volunteer hours—always with a positive attitude!

Diana has been instrumental in planning and leading the Iowa 4-H Leaders Forum; she recruits and supports the workshop leaders and evaluates the program in order to conduct a more educational forum the next year.   Each year, Diana attends the North Central Regional Forum and has encouraged numerous Johnson County 4-H leaders to join her.

For six years, Diana served on the Johnson County 4-H Youth Development Committee.  She determined the needs and interests of youth and volunteers to make a county 4-H plan, established and implemented county policies and guidelines evaluated youth participation and served as a communication link between 4-H clubs, leaders and the Johnson County Youth Development Committee and Extension Council

For more than twenty five years, Diana served as the superintendent of 4-H personal development, science, engineering, agriculture, and natural resources departments at the Johnson County 4-H Fair.  Through workshops including the “4-H Extravangaza,” Diana expanded the opportunity for 4-H members to enrich their knowledge in 4-H projects.   At the county fair, Ralph was always there to set up and “tear down” the area for these projects; his helping hands came when the volunteers and staff were the most tired!

Ralph has been instrumental in “organizing” the 4-H SESS program in Johnson County.  His experience working with the Washington County program has been extremely helpful to the Johnson County SESS leaders.

Diana and Ralph Cox are truly the “heart and soul” of the Johnson County and Iowa 4-H programs.  They work tirelessly to advance 4-H at the club, county and state level, and “makes the best better” in working with youth and adults. 

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