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Gary Gourley and Gerald GourleyHamilton County has decided to honor this wonderful dedicated father/son combo who have dedicated at total of more that 50 years to the Hamilton County 4-H program and the Hamilton County Fair..

Gary Gourley started working with Hamilton County 4-H’ers in the1960’s by serving as leader of the Hamilton Herders 4-H Club and also was the County  Sheep Project leader.  He was an experienced lamb judge and took many honors while at ISU as a member of the Iowa State Livestock Judging team.  Gary and his wife Georgianna raised 5 children.  All 4-H members Gerald, Gina, George, Gene and Gerry.  They now have 13 grandchildren who they enjoy supporting and watching participate in
4-H activities as well.  Gary is still one of our true and faithful sheep show volunteers.  He is available each year as we put the sheep show together helping us make sure that no exhibitor or animal is missed.

His son Gerald took over as sheep superintendent in 1990 and has served our county 4-H’ers for the past 20 years.  He and his wife Terry have three children: Sarah, Breanna and Garrett.  All three have been active 4-H members and have really enjoyed their sheep projects each year.  They have one granddaughter.  Gerald is really supportive of our
4-H’ers and has really enjoyed the opportunity of seeing Hamilton lambs shown and it definitely keeps our program alive and active.County’s Sheep program stand tall in competition at the county level and at the Iowa State Fair 4-H Sheep Show.  For the past several years Hamilton County has had an outstanding number of exhibitors and lambs shown and it definitely keeps our program alive and active.

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