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The Northey/Pringnitz FamilyMore members of the Northey/Pringnitz FamilyWayne and Margaret

There are definitely familiar faces around the Dickinson County Extension Office, and for years the Northey Family have  diligently supported and promoted all facets of 4-H.  Recognizing the benefit of this program to Dickinson County youth, the entire family has consistently supported the educational opportunities, real-life experiences and the significance of community involvement that 4-H instills in the young people served by the staff and volunteers of the Dickinson County Extension Office.

At every fair, the presence of Wayne and Margaret at the majority of events is almost guaranteed.  Their son, Iowa’s Secretary of Agriculture, Bill Northey, is also a fervent supporter of 4-H and the fair; the culmination of the youth’s hard work and dedication.  Daughter Nancy and her husband Doug Pringnitz have also been long time 4-H supporters. They are often seen making several trailer loads of beef to December weigh-ins and at fair time.
In a county where the Iowa Great Lakes showcase recreation, the Northey Family has brought the significant role agriculture plays to the forefront of all our minds.  With renewable energy, conservation and economic development, all those who have met and/or worked with members of the Northey Family appreciate their efforts to maintain the integrity, dignity and quality of life that agriculture provides residents of Dickinson County.

This family has set an example for not only the youth involved in 4-H, but for the entire county.  For their many contributions, Dickenson County is proud to nominate the Northey’s  for the Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame.

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