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Bob and Theresa SullivanBob and Theresa Sullivan have been active in Crawford County 4-H, first as members and then as leaders and parents of 4-H youth.  Both joined 4-H in 1937.  Theresa (Dieter) Sullivan was a member of the Westside Calf Club and showed cattle (in a skirt).  Her family showed cattle at the County Fair, Chicago, Omaha, and many other shows around the area. Theresa’s memories included being treated after meetings with a fifteen cent treat at the café across from the barn where they had 4-H meetings.  Fifteen cents bought a root beer float and a candy bar to take home. She remembers standing on her tip toes to wash calves because she was so small.  She remembers working hard with friends and then going into the ring to compete against them.  A special time, was when a little girl had just lost her father, and didn’t know where to start. Teresa’s dad came to her and said she should help her.  “That’s 4-H”, Theresa says. 

Bob Sullivan was a charter member of the Boyer Rooters 4-H club. His first project was getting seed pods from a Black Locust tree and growing one of his own.  Next he had a horse project. One of the draft mares had a foal and he named it Smokey because of its color. Next he had a home raised Hereford heifer.  It was 1939 and he took his heifer to Ak-Sar-Ben. His Dad had given him a dollar and the Extension Director had gotten him a hotel room which cost $0.75.  He had a quarter to live on for the rest of the time.  He says he didn’t gain any weight but had a very rewarding trip and experience.  He met some great people, learned a lot and was hooked on 4-H. The next year he went back to help his brother Leo Paul with his calf but he admits he doesn’t remember much of what happened at the show because he met pretty little Theresa Dieter, the love of his life.  They were married on October 11, 1945.
Bob was 22 when he became a leader for the Boyer Rooters 4-H club and was a leader for 30 years. Bob says he learned more than the kids. All of their 16 children were involved in 4-H. Last summer they had 8 grandchildren showing in 4-H in 4 states. Projects were beef, hogs, clothing, woodworking, gardening, sheep and horses.  Bob and Theresa have followed their children and grandchildren for many years and have supported 4-H’ers in many ways.

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