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Joyce MueterthiesJoyce Mueterthies started her 4-H journey with the support of her parents when she joined the Lawler Lively Lassies in 1972.. All of her siblings were nine-year members of either the Lawler Lively Lassies or the Lawler Lively Lads 4-H clubs, which later combined into one club. This was the time when  exhibits they could show at the county fair were selected with emphasis on clothing, food and nutrition, home improvement OR visual arts. Joyce gave a presentation every year with one on bicycle safety advancing to the Senior Center as a junior, one on first aid advancing to Cattle Congress as an intermediate, and one on child abuse advancing to State Fair as a senior. She sewed and modeled an outfit in the fashion review every year. She was very proud to have her 4-H poster about catching the spirit advance to the National 4-H office. Joyce served for two years on the Chickasaw County Council. She was rewarded for her hard work as the 1980 Out-standing 4-Her.

After receiving her BA in elementary education in 1986, Joyce joined the Chickasaw Youth Council for six years. Her experiences with various 4-H sewing projects lead Joyce and her sister into starting and operating a fabric store for ten years. During this time, Joyce became the Clothing Superintendent, which she continues to do. Joyce volunteered as the County Council Advisor for the last 24 years. As advisor she chaperoned the County Lock In for the last 10 years. When a 4-Her, Joyce attended the Citizen-Washington Focus trip. She has also chaperoned this trip two other times.

Joyce continues to help and advise any 4-Her who has a question or concern about a project. She also has guided and supported her fourteen nieces and nephews who were 4-H members.

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