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Jerry and Lynn EbertJerry and Lynn Ebert reside in Cherokee County,.on the same family farm Jerry purchased 42 years ago and became actively involved in 4-H when each of their 5 sons became of age to join. Jerry had always passed on stories of his past involvement with 4-H in his youth.

When the older three sons got involved in 4-H; back in 1988, they helped  re-start the advanced cattle feeding program in the county. For the past 15 years, Jerry helped with the county beef weigh-in.  He provided livestock panels for the horses and cattle at the County Fair and even gone to the lengths of has painted the panels two different times with 4-Hers’ help; with the most recent color being 4-H green.  In the ninety’s; Jerry provided places for 4-H club members to trail ride, as a way to relax after the busy county fair each year.

Jerry and Lynn have helped with the Quimby Quorum 4-H club, eventually serving as leaders until the club’s disbandment in 2008. The couple purchased fair tickets each year to give to others in the local communities that have contributed to the 4-H program in the past year. They sold calves to 4-Hers and on occasion, have donated the use of horses for riding and showing at the fair.
Jerry participated in the 4-H Youth Council for Cherokee County for the past 6 years, serving in various officer positions during that time. His service has led to some of his children growing through 4-H to participate at a higher level; joining the county council and the northwest area councils.

Jerry typically schedules his farming and hay work around the County Fair week each year. Some 20 years ago, he helped with the judging of the county dairy show.  These last few years, he has been a comical poultry co-superintendent wearing his chicken-patterned apron and filling in time between classes with his corny jokes and random facts.

Over the years, each of their sons has had the opportunity to take care of and show feeder calves at the fair. The couple has helped the boys with purchasing agreements; which helped with sound financial decisions, feed rations and an eye to choose the ideal feeder livestock.  Jerry and Lynn pushed their five boys to try various things to submit as exhibits to the fair each year.  In addition to home improvement and wood working exhibits, the boys have also had bake goods, flower & plants, and even homemade soap entries.  They would help club members and their sons come up with creative and innovative ways to complete exhibits, asking friends in the community as resources to share expertise in certain areas. 

Jerry and Lynn Ebert are huge advocates for youth in agriculture and strong supporters of the Cherokee County 4-H program. We congratulate them on their dedications over the last twenty-two years.

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