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Lucille LeerhoffLucille Leerhoff has been involved with the 4-H program in Butler County for 30 years.  She has served on the 4-H & Youth Committee for 4 years and has been a local club leader of the Butler BB’s for over 25 years.  Her name is synonymous with 4-H in the county!  When anyone has a 4-H question they are often told to “Ask Lucille”.   She challenges the youth in her club to try things outside their comfort zone and wants them to take advantage of all they can in the 4-H program.  She is instrumental in getting 4-Hers to participate in Clothing Selection and Presentation Day and she never tires from helping them.  Her club regularly participates in Community Service activities and is a steady contributor to the “4-Hers for 4-H “program.  Like all leaders, she is thrilled when member exhibits are selected for State Fair and she lets others know that with a little more work next year their exhibit might go too!  Lucille works hard at instilling in her members the need to set goals and she reminds them over and over that in 4-H, the goal drives the project and exhibit. 

Lucille took an active role in Butler County’s anniversary of 100 years of 4-H. She helped organize and lead many of the activities.  She was given the Meritorious Service Award in 1986 and the 4-H Alumni Award in 1994.

Lucille’s 3 children were also very active in the 4-H program and today her son is serving on the 4-H & Youth Committee. Lucille has chosen to lead by example and the example she’s set has been respected by all leaders and 4-Hers in Butler County.

Lucille is truly worth of her nomination into the Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame!

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