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2009 Poweshiek County - Nancy AllenAs a member of the Clear Lake Sailors in Hamilton County Nancy Allen learned the 4H pledge.  Throughout her career in 4H,  as a member and as a professional she has lived the 4H pledge, particularly the line, for my club, my community, my country and my world. 
     As a member from approximately 1954-1963 she was active in her club, serving in many officer positions, and in her county, serving as county council chair and was the first county fair queen in Hamilton County.  Nancy participated in many 4-H camps at the Iowa 4-H Center, and attended Camp Miniwanca in Michigan, sponsored by the Danforth I Dare You Award and served as a camp counselor.  She also represented her county at State 4-H Conference.
     While attending ISU as a Home Economics Education major, she was an active member of the Campus 4-H Club.   As a young adult, she also participated in the International 4-H Youth Exchange to India for 6 months.  Living in Montezuma, Nancy continued to remain active in the IFYE Alumni Association and participated in many of their annual conferences, serving on the planning team when Iowa hosted in Decorah. 
     Nancy began working for ISU Extension in 1979 as a 4-H & Youth Leader in Poweshiek County.  She worked for 25 years for ISU Extension, serving Poweshiek County that entire time, but as re-organizations occurred, her position changed and she also served various other counties in the area during her tenure as a 4-H Youth Development Field Specialist. 
     Nancy’s love of different cultures led her to help coordinate International Camp at the Iowa  4-H Center. coordinate many international activities at Montezuma and other neighboring schools.  Throughout the school year Nancy could be found in classrooms helping students explore various countries and cultures with the international kits, then available through Iowa 4H.
     Nancy 's pledge of better living to the world was evidenced in the environmental programming she implemented in her career.  The Poweshiek/Iowa Wildeside camp was hugely popular among 5th and 6th graders in the counties.  She took advantage of various professional workshops dealing with the environment to supplement her programming within the counties.  Even in her retirement she has been asked to lead a few sessions in an environmental camp.
     As the 4H and Youth professional, Nancy worked with the youth attending the Citizenship Washington Focus, leading the county wide workshops as 4Hers prepared to head to the Nation's Capital. In 1995, she  implemented a 5 county  intermediate legislative day. This trip still takes place continuing to draw youth from 5 - 6 counties. At last count over 550 7th and 8th graders have taken part in this program.
     After her retirement in 2004, she has remained connected with the Poweshiek County 4-H program, helping to facilitate the Strengthening Families program.  She also continues to facilitate the Colors personality program for the Iowa state 4-H council on a volunteer basis. 
Poweshiek County is proud that Nancy Allen has been part of their 4H program.  We have grown because of her.

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