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2008 Linn County - Marcia EngelSeveral years ago(30) Marcia began her 4-H volunteer career as leader of the Putnam Slick Chicks even though she had never been a 4-Her herself. This was the beginning of a dedication and commitment to 4-H that we honor today.  Marcia has been a leader, member of Youth Committee and now for over 15 years has been a Linn County Youth Council Advisor. She is active in the Linn County community in addition to all of her 4-H work. Marcia exemplifies 4-H.  She guides youth helping them make decisions with clearer thinking; her heart is always compassionate, enthusiastic and dedicated to her 4-Hers; is always willing to lend a helping hand and to serve her community; and finally she is committed to being a mentor and role model. And best of all, Marcia is fun!  For fun details, just check with anyone from Linn County! 

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