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Posted on April 19, 2011 at 1:41 PM by Global Reach

2009 Kossuth County - Al LauckMost of the years that Al has been with KLGA radio, he has hosted a weekly radio broadcast with Extension.  He incorporates much of ISU media interviews into his daily ‘Farm Reporter’ session.  He has been willing to do 4-H County Council interviews on a regular basis and also interviews to promote special 4-H events.  He has done remote interviews with 4-Hers attending the Citizenship Washington Focus or interstate exchange trips in the past. KLGA is the Kossuth County Extension office’s biggest promotion tool in the county, because of Al’s willingness and dedication.  He also has helped 4-H’ers tape public service announcements to promote 4-H during the year.

Al’s unique style puts his guest at ease.  Frequently his radio guests will be nervous about being on the radio and Al will help them relax. One of the elements of his style that makes him special is that an “Al Lauck interview” is always about the person being interviewed and never about Al.  He asks questions without ever being judgmental; which may explain why people are so comfortable with him.

He is shy, reserved, polite, and without ego.  He does nothing to draw attention to himself. Every year Al attends the Kossuth County Fair and impresses us with his ability to make us feel like we are close to those people that he introduces through broadcasts. 

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