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2008 Dallas County - Barb FieldBarb’s experiences with 4-H began when a friend of her parents suggested that 4-H would be a good organization for her to join.  She joined that year and her sister and brothers joined as they became old enough.  Barb had many great experiences in her eight years as a 4-H member with the support of great leaders and wonderful parents.  She attended camps, had projects in food, home furnishings and clothing.  Barb went to Chicago for a home improvement award trip and got to see Hello Dolly with Carol Channing.  

Barb’s experiences with 4-H led to a degree in Vocational Home Economics from the University of Northern Iowa.  

Barb became active in Dallas County 4-H when the local club in Woodward invited her to be part of the Des Moines Jr. Homemakers 4-H club.  Barb was the club leader for many years.  She also helped at the State Fair in setting up the clothing exhibit for 3 years, 1year in the home improvements area and 2 years with the fashion revue.  Barb helped with the judging of state award record books.  She has been a member of the Static Exhibits Committee at the Dallas County Fair for nearly 20 years, serves on the Youth Committee, and was a past member of the Dallas County Extension Council.  

Barb said “I have been proud to be a part of this organization and for the opportunities it has given me.”   Barb has given much of herself and her time to the betterment of youth in Dallas County through the 4-H program and we would like to thank her for the opportunities she has given our youth.

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