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2008 Clayton County - Linda OrrLinda Hanson Orr comes from a family that has been involved in 4-H for nearly 70 years.  Linda’s grandfather was a 4-H leader, her mother was a charter member of the Ful-O-Pep 4-H Club in Clayton County.  Linda and her two sisters were also members of the same club.

Linda married John Orr, who was also a 4-H member in Clayton County.  When each of their eight children was old enough, they joined 4-H.  They were all in 4-H until they graduated from high school.  Many of them served on County Council.  During this time Linda served as a 4-H leader and was also instrumental in forming the Highland Helping Hands club.  John and she chaperoned the Washington Focus trip in 1984.

Linda served as the Clayton County 4-H Program Assistant from 1993-1998.  She was instrumental in beginning safety programs for not only junior high students but also programs for grades Kindergarten through sixth grade.  Providing workshops for various project areas offered 4-H’ers a chance to participate in hands-on learning.  Activities to maintain high school involvement was also a priority for her. She also served on the state committee to update the 4-H record keeping system.

Linda has maintained an interest in 4-H by serving on the Youth and 4-H Committee for a number of years and volunteering for various activities on the county level.  She has seven grandchildren currently in 4-H and keeps busy assisting them with various exhibits.  All seven grandchildren exhibited quilts made from their great-great grandmother’s fabric stash last year.  This year they will be learning various techniques to dye fabric.

When Linda isn’t busy with 4-H activities, she you will find her at her sewing machine creating a new quilting project or spending time with her children and grandchildren.  She is serving her third term as Clayton County Treasurer in Elkader. 

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