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2008 Butler County - Arlan LaubeArlan Laube was a 4-H’er in the early 1960’s in Butler County and served as club historian.  His favorite project was raising milking shorthorn heifers and a highlight was going to the Iowa State Fair with Stanley Severs as the State Fair alternate with their “pocket gopher trapping” demonstration. 

Arlan recognized 4-H as a valuable experience and the tradition followed with his children.  Arlan has provided exceptional leadership to the 4-H program through his involvement in the 4-H youth committee.  He has volunteered his time with the 4-H program by serving on the 4-H youth committee since 1991 and as chairman for the past 10 years.  

Arlan has been invaluable to county staff when preparing for fair.   He’s involved in setting up the fairgrounds, cleaning bleachers, hanging 4-H banners, serving refreshments at the food stand, setting up for different events and much more.  He also helps staff after the fair with cleaning and moving tables and supplies back to the office.  Arlan has helped organize numerous fund-raising events and provides advice on programs.

Asked why he does all this and his humble reply is, “I find it rewarding to see youth grow through the 4-H program.”

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Arlan is a generous and amazing guy. He is SO patient in teaching, especially girls. He is the best brother in the world!
Lavera Hamidi | 3/20/23 at 3:16 AM
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