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Ann LohmanAnn Lohman, who retired on April 30 of this year, spent the past 22 years of her career with Iowa State University Extension – initially as a Home Economist and for the last 15 years as Clay County Extension Education Director.

Although 4-H was not a part of her youth, upon her involvement with Iowa State University Extension, 4-H became near and dear to Ann’s heart.  She readily endorsed and embraced the 4-H program. Ann seized every opportunity to teach, mentor, involve and help 4-H’ers in their many endeavors.  Many 4-H members have benefited from her mentorship, be it helping a 4-H’er overcome the disappointment of receiving a red ribbon or guiding a 4-H member in leading a major fundraising campaign.  Whether it was a listening ear, a helping hand, or positive advice, you could always count on Ann to be there when needed.

By serving on numerous boards and committees and affecting real change for the community, Ann has also served as a great example for 4-H youth in our area.  Through leadership positions in her church and the community, she also modeled citizenship and leadership for Clay County 4-H’ers.  

As an advocate for the 4-H program, Ann sought the opportunity to expand the Clay County Extension office to almost double the square footage, providing a 4-H Youth and Volunteer Center and office space for the County Youth Coordinator, Youth Field Specialist, and Program Coordinator.  4-H project work is on display in the Volunteer Center, providing an additional avenue of recognition for youth.

In 2004 and 2005, Ann was very instrumental in completely renovating the 4-H Exhibit Building and the 4-H Auditorium on the Clay County Fairgrounds.  She was excited about the challenge and wasted no time involving hundreds of 4-H members and their families, staff, and community, all while building a sense of pride and ownership. These two areas were transformed into very attractive, welcoming facilities that can be used nearly year-round by 4-H and the community.  From taking down walls to painting, installing bathroom and kitchen fixtures and cabinets, soliciting donations for new chairs, encouraging former 4-H Share the Fun participants to donate funds for a new electric piano, installing heating, air conditioning and a fabulous sound system, Ann was the driving force that brought these wonderful projects to completion.

The overarching theme of Ann’s time with Extension has been that much was done without seeking accolades for herself.  Ann was always putting others in the spotlight, and being sure to share the credit with staff, volunteers and 4-H’ers.

It is with great pride that we recognize Ann Lohman as the 2007 4-H Hall of Fame selection from Clay County!

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