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Posted on April 7, 2011 at 1:09 PM by Global Reach

Leroy StewartLeRoy Stewart has been involved in 4-H leadership with the Liscomb Lively Laborers for 17 years. He began as a 4-H parent, then became an assistant leader, along with his wife, Sharon and since 2000 he has been the organizational leader. This tenure may not be as long as some, however, the quality of his leadership can not be beat. LeRoy (and his hat) is an active leader in our county. He has provided his club members with strong leadership, a respect for others, opportunities to grow, and an appreciation of the community they live in. He and his club have helped out with many county 4-H activities through out the years. LeRoy has six club members on County Council this year. His own children have been out of 4-H for a number of years and he continues to lead. He says, “They upped my pay again this year, that’s why I stay..” We are very appreciative of LeRoy’s commitment to 4-H and the youth of Marshall County. Thank you, LeRoy!



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