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Posted on April 7, 2011 at 1:43 PM by Global Reach

Margeret DresserThe backbone of the 4-H program is volunteers.  They come in several types, the visible, the behind the scenes and the special occasion volunteers.  All types play an important part in 4-H being successful.  Margeret has been all of these.  She has helped numerous members, parents and leaders find success in 4-H.   

Margeret’s involvement with 4-H began 50 plus years ago.  First as a parent of six 4-H members, she shared her talents and knowledge with her own children and others.  She served as a volunteer for her 15 grandchildren and she continues to help out her 3 daughters that are leaders and several great-grandchildren that are county members.  She opens her home and shop for workshops, providing food, project materials or whatever is needed to help 4-H members to learn a new skill.  


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