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Vince HoeflingVince and his wife Madonna continue to stay involved in 4-H watching their eight children participate.  His sons Kirk, Kevin, Kenny, Duane, Scott, and Kyle all took part in the beef and swine projects while daughters Gail and Cathy were also involved in beef and swine along with cooking, sewing, and home improvement.

In 1971 Vince became a leader of his childrens’ club, the Liberty Perry Pacers and also was a member of the swine committee.  He just retired from these duties in 2005!  Vince also volunteered much of his time serving on the Plymouth County Fairboard for eighteen years!

Vince feels that his greatest contribution to the Plymouth County 4-H program is having taught the kids to be loyal leaders of the community, how to care for livestock, and how to respect other 4-H’ers in the county.  It was these standards that Vince once learned through 4-H and now he passes on to many generations of 4-H’ers.  Vince and his entire family truly live for 4-H!  The Hoefling family has met and made many lifelong friendships all because of 4-H!  

As Vince reflects on the 50 year span of being involved in 4-H he is amazed at how the program has continued to grow and also that it still remains a family event.  In fact for the Hoefling family it was their family entertainment!  He remembers as a 4-H’er he never received a grand champion and then when his son Scott had grand champion pig in 1987 is was such a thrill for not only Scott, but for the entire family.  To this day Vince continues to help his grandkids with their projects passing on the same values he has once shared with many other 4-H’ers in Plymouth County.

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